The answer is easy: don’t eat wheat!

The topic came up in some conversation lately.

As regular readers know, I lost about 40 pounds over the last 18 months. I stopped eating wheat because other family members came to learn that they had a problem with it. But when I stopped, I also lost a lot of weight.

At that point, I found out that Doctor Bill Davis had a book out, called Wheat Belly. Dr. Davis was on to the problems of wheat, aside from Celiac Disorder. Wheat is just a suspicious grain, and, trust me, if you drastically reduce, or, ideally, eliminate it from your diet, you will notice various changes.

Wheat is not an essential foodstuff. If you think you need it for vitamins, then buy a supplement. That’s all “fortified” wheat is—the grain with a multivitamin grinded in.

Wheat is bad news. More and more people are finding that out.

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