Washington Post on design glitches with the Healthcare.gov website. (Obamacare commentary.)

It is a nice site, but not the perfectly designed.

The bigger problem with the rollout, obviously, is that you can only get so far IF you are fortunate enough to connect to the website.

I’d love to hear from anyone who’s done it start to finish.


2 Replies to “Washington Post on design glitches with the Healthcare.gov website. (Obamacare commentary.)”

  1. Hoofin, you stated on Oct. 7th you would like to hear from someone who made it all the way through on the Health Marketplace. I completed the application and did the electronic signature. I was asked to upload on adobe some manner of identification such as a drivers license or choice of other ID. I completed that step thinking I would then be allowed to view the insurance choices. Not so! On the live chat when I asked when this might occur I was informed it would possibly take two weeks and then I would be notified by mail or email of my verification. The law was passed in 2010 I just wonder why this system was not prepared for all the traffic they would receive. There is so much frustration involved with the application alone. When you call the toll free center you are given a scripted answer which doesn’t come close to what you need to know. I was told to give the program time for the glitches to be resolved and try again perhaps in November. I want to know for certain I can get on board for the January coverage so I can drop Cobra. Have you heard from anyone else that has gotten past this point that was sent an email of verification and has seen the insurance options? I need some encouragement that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I truly believe this is going to be a wonderful program if the people who need it are allowed the opportunity to move forward and obtain the coverage we need. Thank you for all the information during this year you have provided about the ACA. Sylvia

    1. No one has contacted me to say they were 100% in and done start to finish. Usually, if there is “success”, it’s that you get to set up an account.

      Commentary from the major media suggest that it will be sometime like November for the massive added capacity to be brought online. The longer they delay, the larger the wave will be.

      Since the policy won’t start until January 1 anyway (if you get on by December 15—otherwise February 1), there is time.

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