Obamacare website delays tied to an early crash, says New York Times.

Reporting here.

I must have tried logging on a hundred times so far this month — maybe more. Every glitch that has been documented in news reports, I’ve experienced. I had a pre-October 1 account and credentials that were useless. My new account has only really “worked” twice, and both those times were logging on at a location outside my usual ones.

It sounds like the vendors who provided the government the software never considered making the software scalable. They didn’t design a program that could be used by 6 million people in the first week. For the life of me, it doesn’t seem clear what they were thinking besides big dollar signs.

Inevitably this all gets fixed. But why such a big embarrassment for an offering that we’ve been waiting three-and-a-half years for? How come enough resources weren’t provided for a thing that hundreds of thousands of people were going to use in a short time span?


3 Replies to “Obamacare website delays tied to an early crash, says New York Times.”

  1. Great Post, though i have a question. What are the repercussions for failing to purchase health insurance and refusing to pay the “fine,” “tax,” “penalty” or whatever it’s being called now?

  2. What I have been told is if you have a tax refund coming, they will take the penaly from it. Starting in the 2015 tax season.
    Currently, if you don’t have a refund due, they can just send nasty letters.
    Eventually, they will change the law to seize your bank account, add penalties and interest and put a lien on your house like other tax debt.

    1. The shared responsibility fee is either paid voluntarily, or comes out of any refund owed to the nonpayer by the US Treasury. The rest is just speculation, as to whether the weak enforcement of that provision changes in the future, to one where it will be treated the same as any other tax collected by the government.

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