I am now totally in at the Obamacare website, and “complete”. It was the Dental Glitch.

Last month, I shared with you my success at creating an account and getting most of the way through the website.    On Friday, I called the 1-800 number, and with the help of a fellow named Chris, I discovered why my final step was “locked”.


It turned on what I call the Dental Glitch.

When you enroll in your health plan, the next thing the site is set up to do is to offer you some optional dental coverage.   If you decide to go with dental coverage, you probably get all the way through.   But if you say “do not want dental”, the final task still remains LOCKED.


What you have to do is:

1)  refuse the dental


2)  select a dental plan.


If you do this, the last task will change to “set”, and you can do your electronic signature.

It worked for me, and let me know if it worked for you.   You must decline the dental if you don’t want any, and then select a dental plan anyway.

Sounds goofy but that’s software programming, not just this site.


3 Replies to “I am now totally in at the Obamacare website, and “complete”. It was the Dental Glitch.”

  1. COOL! That worked for me, thank you so so much for sharing. Now I have dental insurance– that’s fine, I think I’ll keep it.

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