Highmark has my check (Obamacare enrollment)

For those following me on how a Pennsylvania enrollment is going, I want to let you know that I’ve sent the check on my ACA policy to Highmark.   (Has Highmark billed this yet?  NO.)

I am hoping to see what will happen if the “complete” information from the ACA / Healthcare.gov site is shared with an actual insurer.

All these headlines about “only six people enrolled!” are probably bunk.   Also, the ones about the insurance companies wringing their hands about whether or not people have enrolled.   Even odds are on that check being returned to me, “because we have no such policy in our records” or some sort of bureaucracy like that.   This means they didn’t bother to check with the Marketplace/Exchange.   Probably 3:1 odds someone is smart enough to hold on to the check, pending a file transmission from the Marketplace.

Too much time got spent trying to sabotage this program.   I am available to any reporters looking for quotes from citizens out here trying to make this long overdue, valuable program work.


[Update: There are less than eight weeks before that policy is live. Insurers better be ready to collect the insured’s portion. I am sure I’m not going to be the only, even if I were the first. ]


2 Replies to “Highmark has my check (Obamacare enrollment)”

  1. If Penn is anything like MA the insurer does have your information and so do all the other insurers offering policies on the exchange. I personally called one of the insurers in MA to ask several questions about the policy. The only information I gave to the sales rep after she asked for it was my name and the amt. of projected 2014 income. She proceeded to rattle off my street address and asked me if this was correct. I replied it that it is. She then rattled off information about my present insurance in comparison to her insurance’s plan. Now I have never had any dealings with this insurance company in the past as it’s a brand new one in MA. How in the world would she have my info at her fingertips if the MA exchange isn’t sharing with the insurers BEFORE a plan is even chosen.

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