Japan-side expat who sued Prada in Tokyo and lost, speaks out.

I heard about this one a couple years back. It’s a sexual discrimination/harassment case. I’m not sure why Rina Bovrisse‘s lawyer didn’t suggest she file with the US EEOC, because, from my view, Prada in Japan is a controlled entity of Prada in New York. Instead, the case was brought in Tokyo, and the plaintiff lost.

Now she’s being sued for defamation. In Tokyo.

Japan-side advisor Langley had something to say recently about suing in Japan: don’t. He gave a number of good reasons, including the fact that it’s the away game for you. The Japanese court system has no incentive to rule in your favor, and every incentive to rule against. It’s not like you have an American judge, whose opinion will be put out in US media, and subject to that scrutiny. (Not to mention, even, that of an appellate court.)

I have sometimes wondered why Rina went the avenue she did, if her facts are all taken as true (which I feel they are).

[Update: Got the answer. Prada KK is controlled by Prada s.P.a. in Italy. It’s not a New York sub.

Update #2: There seems to be some confusion about Ms. Bovrisse’s nationality, which would be strike two on an EEOC approach to a resolution.]


One Reply to “Japan-side expat who sued Prada in Tokyo and lost, speaks out.”

  1. As much as I wish she’d won, or in fact women ever won anything in Japan, and Japan’s gender equality is an abomination, fashion’s a pretty stupid place for someone with principles or self-respect to work.

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