“Hafu” – a documentary in progress about mixed-ethnicity Japanese

I wrote this post about two years ago. Saturday night, I was actually able to see the movie at a showing in Philadelphia. If Hafu comes to your area, it is definitely worth seeing, even if issues of equal protection and fundamental fairness in Japan aren’t your bag. Since I lived there for over 5 years, I could relate to the personal stories. Plus I know any number of “hafu” or their parents!


I caught this through Facebook:

According to the producers, one in every 30 49 babies born now in Japan is the child of one parent who isn’t ethnic Japanese. I am sure it’s been something like this for several years now, and there’s very little coming out about so-called “Hafu” (or “halfs”) as they live life in Japan.

I always wondered about this while I was in Japan (May 2005 – December 2010). I was not able to make a relationship, although I met a good number of really nice and really attractive Japanese women. (If you follow my blog daily, you know that the hindrance to making it in Japan is, generally, employment discrimination. We are not accorded equal protection of the laws, even though our military is there helping Japan and we open our markets and our immigration to Japanese. How do you start and raise a family…

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