Is actually fixed?

New York Times on top of the story.   Insurers are saying there are still “glitches”.

My best advice to any of you who are still trying to get in is:   keep at it.   Hopefully, there will be guidance as to the best times to log on.

If you had an account before, and, for some reason, the system is acting like you don’t, then don’t hesitate to sign up a NEW account.   The only people I would not guide that way, is if you are totally through the system, and, for some reason, you can’t log on just to look (or change key data, like if you got married.)

The game over the next several weeks is probably going to be to aggregate as much information about the possible Marketplace customers, and move them through the system.   This is critical.   They have to do tens or hundreds of thousands a day.    If they can get at least compile names and key pieces of data, the program will start running effectively on January 1.   If they can’t do that, then the crisis is really still with us — and they better have a paper-based Plan B ready.