Consumer Reports on how to “unstick” your Obamacare application on

More and more people writing about the intricacies of the ACA website,

The critical takeaways in the linked article are:

1) If your log on is jammed, start a new account.

2) If you are somehow “stuck” in your current application, the article gives ways to unstick yourself.

3) MAKE SURE YOUR INSURER HAS YOUR PAYMENT BY THE END OF THE YEAR (Ideally, December 23.) I did not use the website to do this. I printed out what I had been told was officially selected on the website, with my Marketplace ID number, and sent the payment directly to Highmark Blue Shield, my carrier.

You know that insurance companies are set up to take money. This is basically what they do. That part of it was all set up and ready to go.

One Reply to “Consumer Reports on how to “unstick” your Obamacare application on”

  1. Excellent advice. Has your check been cancelled, and if so, is that legal proof that they have accepted you for insurance? On the website, the note I got said that my new insurer would be sending out a bill in several days, or I could online and see if they would accept payment via the Internet. I called the insurance company (Highmark for me, as well) and the very nice customer service lady said that they HAD been only accepting online payments for non-Exchange policies, then she thought they had switched for several hours to accept payment for both private and Exchange policies, but that this had crashed. I would like to be 100 percent sure we are covered before I cancel my current coverage effective midnight, Dec. 31st, 2013. Given the likelihood of at least some people across the nation thinking they have insurance only to discover it didn’t go through, I wonder what the policy will be if someone suffers, say, a heart attack after partying too hard in the wee hours of New Year’s day? Yikes! Oh, well. No birth is easy, but I suspect that after this first neonatal Obamacare makes it into the light of day, all subsequent enrollments will just get easier and less complicated. Thanks as always for your great pearls of wisdom.

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