ACA is a redistribution scheme — but not in the direction the Republicans say.

Something from Jonathan Cohn at the New Republic.

A point well taken, that all insurance is a redistribution scheme.   But it is one from the lucky to the unlucky.

I kind of laugh at these people who think, that now more Americans will have health insurance coverage, all of the sudden they are going to take big risks with their health.   It’s the same old yap that the Republicans have been yapping since 1978 at least.   And it’s boring already.

I had a neighbor of mine, a sort of angry geezer, try to get me upset that my next month’s ACA policy will cover free mammograms.  Well, so what?   It covers maternity, too.   And diabetes, which thankfully I don’t have.   And drug treatment.   This was supposed to get me upset, and I guess it was whatever Fox News assholes were yapping about that week.  

But I am stuck paying the guy’s Medicare.   He thinks he paid for his Medicare back in the day, but that money actually went to support the seniors of the 1970s and 80’s, who paid virtually nothing into the program.  (Remember, American Medicare started around 1966, and the initial monthly premium was $3, which, then as now, was about 25% of the actual cost to the government for the program.)  It’s my FICA contribution, and part of my regular income tax, that pays to support his Medicare.   Somehow, I’m not supposed to be upset about that, however.

One of these, well, ingrates.   Any thing that they are receiving was, of course, “deserved”.   Anything someone else gets has to be run past this litany of whether or not the person is “deserving” or whether they merit getting the thing.

They make our country less.