Happy New Year with the Affordable Care Act!

A piece by Organizing for Action, about 3 minutes. Real people explaining why the Affordable Care Act is an improvement above what we’ve had here in America up to today.

One thought on “Happy New Year with the Affordable Care Act!

  1. Government regulation of the pricing model itself is (unfortunately) necessary and that has not yet happened. I am very much a free market advocate in my thinking but as far as healthcare goes, there is no ethical means of delivering a *for profit* healthcare system without price caps on services. The fundamental problem is that the supply/demand curve does not work linearly, fairly or properly for illness. Think about it. How much would you NOT pay or go into debt for your own health or that of your parents, grandparents, children, spouse or partner? The answer for most is the very shirt off one’s back and as much debt as is possible. Add to all of this the hard-coded duress of illness to the decision making process for often usarious contracts for services and the entire model becomes unavoidably unconscionable. “I will do no harm or injustice to them.” There is not, nor was there ever, a caveat in the Oath for extreme economic harm.

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