Looking for feedback on the Tokyo Embassy’s US-Japan social security presentation February 20

I found out about it through an invite on Facebook.   I, obviously, could not go.

The only outreach the Embassy seems to do on the issue is via the Federal Benefits page on the Embassy’s website.   This is why I was very surprised to see that someone organized an information session, and someone from the Embassy agreed to present.   It seems to me, with the way the US has failed for eight years to insist upon our end of the bargain in the Totalization Agreement, they would have come up with an excuse not to join the event.   I was hoping that this was an outreach initiative by Ambassador Kennedy Schlosberg, showing a new attitude for the place down in Toranomon.   Getting out from behind the Jersey Barriers.

Did anyone go?   Was there a Powerpoint or some sort of handout?   What were your takeaways?

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