Affordable Care Act news: Highmark in Pennsylvania reporting out good signup numbers.

From Charles Gaba’s blog.   The original Highmark press release.

This is great news for Pennsylvanians, since we are one of the few northern, East Coast states that refused the 100%, federally-paid Medicaid Expansion.   (This is referred to by Thom Hartmann as the “red state donut hole”.)   Outside of the 500,000 people in Pennsylvania who would have qualified for Medicaid, getting 150,000 or so enrolled in Marketplace plans is a huge achievement.

The irony of what the Corbett Administration has done is that the people denied Medicaid are also denied the Premium Tax Credit, which was designed for tax filers making between 100% and 400% of federal poverty level.   So these unfortunate folks are too low-income to get tax credits toward the purchase of a Marketplace plan.  They can always buy a Marketplace one at gross price, but that’s probably impractical if they are low-income.

The spite of the sore loser contingent is going to cause needless hardship in Pennsylvania.   So typical.