Foreigners shilling for Japanese right-wing revisionists make small news, and waves

From the Japan Times.

This looks like a variant of the small set of sociopaths within the Japan-side expat community who take to the internet to undermine the rights of foreigners in Japan. These other ones, however, look to curry favor with a segment of Japan who, frankly, don’t seem to understand World War II history at all. That some “buy my product” activity is attached to it makes me wonder if this is yet one more set of foreigners who are scraping by in their adopted country, hustling whatever and wherever they can.

Japanese past aggression in Asia is nothing to toy with in order to sell overpriced mugs. That these policies inevitably led to Japan’s aggression against the United States is reason #1 why any American should not be involved in promoting Japanese right-wingerism. That Tomogami was tolerated by our US embassy (and some major corporations which did business with the Defense Forces) was bad enough. We don’t need our own people getting in on the act.


One comment

  1. Jim Di Griz · March 25, 2014

    I couldn’t agree with you more.

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