Hispanics, Latinos not signing up at Cuidado de Salud in the numbers expected.

From Yahoo News.

For all the various reasons that American citizens of Spanish background don’t get to fully participate in the America they’ve always been a part of (especially in the parts that got taken after they settled there). Cuidado de Salud is the Spanish-language arm of Healthcare dot gov. There has been something there since October, because I know that my own early success at signing up relied, in some channel, in going through the Cuidado address in order to log on. Healthcare dot gov seemed to bounce me through cuidadodesalud before I could log on. It makes me wonder now, whether a set amount of capacity had been set aside, that was not being used because the intended customers weren’t showing up — and still haven’t.

HHS really needs to get on this, this week. Some people tie the phenomenon to a protest about deportations, but that just seems weak. People end up making their own lot a lot worse. Health insurance leaves more income in the household, and more resources for those who don’t have.