Obama in Japan. TPP the unfortunate focus.

From Wall Street Journal via Marketwatch.

I am very much against the giveaway trade treaty called the “Trans Pacific Partnership”, which would hollow out the American economy and what little American labor, environmental, and financial laws and regulations we have today.   The promoters of TPP, mostly large corporations and moneyed interests who take the current benefits of the Trans Pacific Honeypot really, really want this deal to happen right now.   Besides greed and selling out the vast numbers of Americans, they want the deal now because no one is paying attention.

I can tell you, from personal experience, that any business deals cut with power people in Asian countries usually mean that the next step will be their finding ways to breach the deals cut.   It’s really quite a game over there.   While I think the ultimate beneficiary of TPP is more a country like Vietnam or Malaysia, I can also assure you that countries like Japan or China would not accede to anything that they can’t get the better end of when no one is looking.   Remember, our trade negotiators don’t care where the ultimate economic benefit lands.   America, to them, is another row of cell entries on a spreadsheet.   They will say the trade agreement is “good”, because it fits their nutty, 19th century model of a free market—-and then blame you when you come up with the short end of the stick.

We need to be moving in the opposite direction, which is to impose trade tariffs on countries that do not rise to a First World standard of labor, environmental and financial protections.   If you sell it for less because you undercut our standards, we won’t let it in without a tariff that collects back the unfair—and unethical—advantage.  

Hopefully, Obama does nothing but give a few platitudes about TPP this week, and instead focuses of security issues; takes in the sites like Meiji Shrine and Tokyo Sky Tree.