Pennsylvania ACA news: 318,000 got Marketplace policies in the 2013-2014 enrollment period.

So reports the Tribune.

That’s a fantastic number. I thought it was closer to 200,000. It means about 2.5% of the state is covered by a Marketplace policy—and we’re one of the states whose government refused the Medicaid expansion. One of the few in the East Coast. Pennsylvania is a Northern state that wants to pretend it’s a Southern state, and so fails as both.

What does the refusal of Medicaid Expansion do to a place like Pennsylvania? No one’s done a study, but logically it means that our premiums are probably noticeably higher than they otherwise would have been. Given that over 80% of Marketplace customers were eligible for the advance federal credit, maybe it doesn’t make much of a difference to the eight out of ten. The net price is fixed by federal law as no more than 9.5% of MAGI (modified adjusted gross income). But the other 20% either made too little to get the federal credit (yes, believe it or not!), or made too much and so therefore paid another Corbett stealth tax out of pocket, for something that the federal government would have compensated 100%.

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