Reading Eagle’s Matthew Nojiri says Obamacare open enrollment Round Two to target Reading. (PA ACA news)

Front page of the print Reading Eagle this morning.

What Nojiri is reporting, and what I sensed during the tax season is right on. The 2013-14 open enrollment really didn’t reach a crescendo until March. That’s when the buzz, and the reality, of people signing up and getting was at the peak. There are a large handful of people who probably wanted policies, and don’t have them, because it all ended April 1. (If you didn’t have something started by then, you were probably going to be out of luck.)

Now that you have the anti-Obama Kentucky senators pretending that their state’s popular “KYnect” program isn’t really ACA, isn’t really “Obamacare”, the Republicans are finally shutting their mouths about health care reform. The policies are affordable. In the main, much more access has been granted to health resources than has been taken away. This, probably by a factor of a hundred to one.

So it pays for community groups to get active, throughout the summer, and tell people what they have to do come November. This time around, the website is going to be there–and working. People who still don’t have the specifics as to the program are going to be able to rely not just on outreach, but many customers who already picked up Marketplace policies. In Pennsylvania, as I mentioned last month, this is about 318,000 people. All else equal, there are probably ten or twenty thousand in both Berks and Lancaster counties.