Did IA Global (now: Asura Development Group) actually pay over one million dollars to Terrie Lloyd? Or to Erik Gain and Peter Wilson at GaijinPot?

Several years back, I followed an expat company doing business around Tokyo called “IA Global”. IA Global had, at one point or another, invested or “allied” with the various online media outfits serving the expat community. At some point, I concluded it was all leverage, and, sure enough, IA Global imploded. It changed its name to “Asura Development”. In recent weeks, Asura has been attracting a lot of attention. My sense is because the stock just went to (near) zero: http://finance.yahoo.com/echarts?s=IAGI+Interactive#symbol=IAGI;range=3m


The answer is no, isn’t it? These men never saw any buy-out or “alliance” money like that.

I have been studying the IA Global 10-K filings. As I mentioned yesterday, IA Global is a company that is still in business. Its stock went from the high teens in U.S. dollars during late 2007, to 25 cents a share nowadays.

I have previously linked to some of the contracts between IA Global and Terrie Lloyd’s Linc Media. Also, to those of IA Global and GPlus. These are all online, for their first few pages. You have to join a service to get the full contract. I don’t feel it’s worth the price ($199), but if you are a regular journalist reading me, it might be.

I have previously written that the buyout of IA Global’s 25% stake in the Gaijin Pot owner, GPlus Media, was for $75,000. I wondered whether…

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