More Japan taxes

A Japanese tax estimate, from a 2009 post. Not many Americans know that the Japanese tax system was set up by an American, Carl Shoup of Columbia university.


Per an e-mail request, except I want to move off this.

The Japan Today board has this debate going about how Japanese taxes are calculated. Myself, I don’t do these kind of debates because, like I mentioned, I am a CPA back home. So the basics of the American tax system, I would know those. Right?

I don’t do Japanese taxes of course. But I understand the basics of the Japanese personal income tax system. Especially, as a lot of it was created by an American, Professor Carl Shoup of Columbia University. It is the Shoup System, as far as I’m concerned. But the Japanese have tweaked it here and there, especially on the capital gains side.

From the Columbia University link above[, which had originally appeared in the obit from the New York Times,]

In 1949, an aide to General Douglas MacArthur invited Professor Shoup to Japan to…

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