Bill Cosby and Temple University: another unique smell from the school.

I meant to say something this year about the Bill Cosby scandal, and I know I’m late to the game, since I have been on low blogging mode for several months.

As longtime readers of me knew, I have a distinct opinion of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania’s Temple University.    The college does some wonderful things, but in other ways, it really smells.    Aside from the cronyism, the soft corruption, and the socially-lefty political correctness of the late 1980s – early 1990s, it tends to produce alumni who, when they hit it big, end up embarrassing the school somehow.    Penn, across town, and where I also went, has a similar flaw on the money and political side:   producing characters of questionable morality, or, in some other way, just unappealing people.

This Bill Cosby thing, though, is Temple writ large.   Cosby was the #1 promoter of Temple for a good part of the 80s and 90s, around the same time as the actual events in the surfacing allegations of numerous women were occurring.   You have to wonder if Temple University had ever gotten wind of Cosby’s bad behavior back then, and if the women were made to feel or be seen as cranks of one sort or another, because their words were getting in the way of Temple’s business.

Pennsylvania has a lot of nice people in it, but the state is a real shithole when it comes to ethics.   As I have said here before, the Northernmost Banana Republic of the Western Hemisphere.   Or alternatively, a northern state that tries to be a southern state and fails at both.

So what to we have in the contemporary era?    Penn State Sandusky scandal.   Philadelphia Archdiocese predator priest scandal.   Now Bill Cosby, who basically using Temple as an academic cover to boost his own standing in the public while he led a double life at what some describe as a serial harasser—or worse.

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