Debito’s troll quits.

This comes to me from a heads up.

If you followed my writing over the years for Japan-side issues, you know that I was a comment contributor to the fairly well known blog of Dave Aldwinckle (Debito Arudou),

I am not telling you anything that isn’t already well understood, but you open yourself up to a certain amount of being victim of what we know, in the legal language, as tortfeasing and criminality if you are a consistent blogger.   This happened to me, as a result of Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson’s blogging, and I am sure happened also to Debito Arudou.   For a number of years, Ken Yasumoto-Nicolson attempted to organize online expats in Japan to “go at” Debito Arudou and anyone who would not “renounce” Mr. Arudou.   It is a dirty business, but apparently was no issue to Mr. Nicolson, or his employer, Panasonic, who sells a lot to America, and apparently had no problem with Mr. Nicolson.

My time available to routine blogging dried up years ago.   I have been busy with seven or eight other activities, and so, no offense to the occasional reader, I didn’t have the time to do it with the intensity required.   It had nothing to do with the harassment or petty crimes (impersonation / false representation to the Shibuya Ward, alleged Internet-call taping by a supporter of Nicolson against Pennsylvania law, etc.)   It’s more that I just don’t have the time except at specific points in the year.

However, the passion at which Mr. Nicolson kept it up between 2009 and sometime in 2015 leads me back to this theme about how Japan lets foreigner attack foreigner within Japan, and makes no issue about it.   I really wonder that if Mr. Nicolson were an actual Japanese, and not “married in”, and his victim were also an actual Japanese, and not naturalized, that Japanese law enforcement would have taken notice of Mr. Nicolson’s internet activities and paid a visit to discuss the situation.

Foreigners in Japan, to some extent, walk around with a painted target on their backs.   They are easily made victim of certain tortious behavior or outright crime, because the Japanese authorities do not crack down on the foreigner community for that kind of behavior.   The excuse that the internet is a “new” thing really isn’t that much of an excuse anymore.   It’s been around as a popular medium for 20 years.

It really isn’t acceptable that Mr. Nicolson decides one fine day to shut down his harassment site / blog.   He should have been made to explain to a local magistrate what the purpose of his behavior (behaviour, if you don’t understand American) really was.   It certainly wasn’t protected political speech.

In his own (real) country of Scotland, he certainly would have had to be doing that.










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