I quit Facebook, and I’m happy I did it.

My sentiments as strong today as they were last summer . . .

“If by magic”, I could get back the time I used on Facebook . ..


This was five months ago. I like internet technology and I like to experiment with it.   I was relatively early to blogging (2003), and thought that the net would really revolutionize the way people communicated in writing with each other. Twelve years later, I am an internet skeptic.   I think the thing is an unregulated mess.   In large measure, it encourages deceit and misrepresentation.

Pre-internet, the major ways of mass communication were through intermediaries.   If intermediaries didn’t like what you wanted to say in print, it didn’t get said.    As a creature of the editorial page, this never sat well with me.  If people had something to say, and they could provide some cogent support with it, they should have their chance, unharassed. The social media phenomenon presented itself at a time when the wide world of the internet was already discouraging people from online communication.   Facebook and other social…

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