An American expat in Japan, originally from New Jersey.    With some time spent along the years in Pennsylvania.

I keep the Hoofin blog mostly as an online personal journal.   I began it in 2003, when I was volunteering in local politics.    A popular web format of the time, the community bulletin board, wasn’t working for me.   And so Hoofin the poster began to blog.

The early blog achieved a modest following for a local political commentary in the mid 2000’s.      It was pretty obvious to any of the early computer-user geeks that politics and the internet were going to come together and be around.    (This was when the idea of even getting any political content or social networking via the internet was not so apparent.   How times change!)

When I moved to Japan, my “edge” on local commentary in Bridgewater, New Jersey got soft–for obvious reasons. (Even though I lived there the better part of 40 years.)

More so, I lost touch with the latest technologies for hobby bloggers—and it seems like they’re introduced by the week. And like most hobby bloggers, the time to put in to it comes and goes.

So nowadays I write about a number of varied topics, and I hope you enjoy your visit!


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  1. Funny, NJ is a state that you want to run from but miss it when you are gone. Springsteen put so many of us on the highways running only to call us home. I’d be happy to send you a box of taffy if it will make you feel like you are home!

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