Nate Silver says Pennsylvania may become the tipping point state, quoting Wasserman at Cook Political.

Another noted commentator on the 2012 election picks this up.

In short, politics geeks are ranking the various states Barack Obama won earlier this month, by his margin. Up to now, people have said that Colorado was the state that, on the margin (there’s that word again) provided the President with his 270th, or winning, elector. Colorado’s nine electors brought Obama to 272, when all the states are ranked by what percentage he carried them by.

However, as the voting is being finalized, Obama’s margin is growing in Colorado. It is either shrinking or stable in Pennsylvania. (This has mostly to do with the counting of provisional ballots.)

There is some possibility that Colorado had been a stronger state for President Obama than Pennsylvania was. If so, Pennsylvania actually provided President Obama with the 270th elector needed for victory.

Do we actually get anything for being that state right in the middle, if it turns out that way? I dunno. Ask Colorado—they were coincidentally the tipping point state for Obama in 2008.