President Obama and the tax cuts.

I am watching C-Span’s video of the President’s press conference. (Available at the site.)

President Obama is stuck in a situation. If he doesn’t do a deal with the Senate Republicans, he can’t get anything, because they are using the 60% rule (the filibuster) to threaten any measure that Obama or the Democrats propose.

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[Update: What I liked about the press conference is that the President showed some emotion in answering his critics, of which another person I’m a fan of, Jane Hamsher at FireDog Lake, is one.

The President and the progressive left are having their spats over the last 18 months, but I still think you can be supportive of both!

The thing I did hear from Obama, and what I wanted to hear, was that he is committed to fighting the contemporary Republicans and their bullshit. That makes me feel a lot more confident that 2012 will be a good year for him. The State of the Union address should have one message to Speaker-designate Bo[e]hner, when he’s sitting up to the President’s right: “Welcome Back.” Most all of the problems Obama’s been dealing with since January 2009 were the creation of GOP policies going back ten years, and in some cases, thirty years. It’s time the GOP starts to solve them, rather than, as Obama says, “bombthrowing”.

Or heckling, more like it:

The heckler never really has to get in there and do. They just sit on the sidelines (or the balcony) and make their smart-ass remarks. Or propose alternatives that really are not realistic, and sometimes laughable, to boot.

This whole one about jamming up tens of millions of Americans’ tax situations, all on account of whether the extremely wealthy pay at a 35% rate or 39.6%; or if their dividends are taxed at 39.6% or –believe it!– 15%, has got to be the biggest farce going.

Practically, though, the President had no option but to punt that fight down into December of 2012, when he will either have lost the election, or be getting ready for his re-inauguration on January 20, 2013.]