Huffington Post vastly more popular a left-of-center read than Daily Kos.

As Benny Hill used to say, “it’s been proved!”

But it really has:


A visit to shows that Arianna Huffington’s site is vastly more read than Kos. (Kos is the brown line that looks like a flatline on the bottom.)

Now, why is this? Seeing as how Kos started in 2002, and Huffington in 2005.

Well, like I’ve said before, I think Mrs. Huffington went in with a business model. She saw that blogs were the rock-and-roll of the internet—the new thing that was coming along in the convergence of technologies.

Plus, she decided to infuse her website with a certain amount of class. That was simply left out of the Kos formula, which is why real (i.e. elected) politicians avoid it in droves. It’s well-known as cybertalk that Markos Moulitsas doesn’t have any class, and so his website, while big, will forevermore be this thing that almost looks linear compared to sites where the runners are actually running it.

I tried to blog there in 2007, but was chased off by a guy who lost his chiropractic license in Colorado (sometime in 1999) for sexually abusing patients.

So reported the late David Weintraub, “DavefromQueens”.

I think what ticked this Lloyd Lachow, whose handle was “Condoleaser”, off was that I pointed out that the new Democratic Senate wasn’t delivering on promises made during the 2006 campaign. In particular, they were apparently following the lobbyists’ cues on student loan reform.

Lachow and sidekick Rena Ray Fagel apparently had an in with Barbara Morrill (“Barb in MD”). And my sign-in got zapped.

Interestingly though, the issue, elected Democrats who then fail to toe the party line when the actual legislation comes around, is a key theme in the health insurance reform debate. They get in on promises. And then the lobbyists get their hands on them, and they start their backsliding.

Everyone who voted Democrats in 2006 and 2008 are wondering what the hell is going on! But for a lot of these guys, it’s business as usual.

I like to visit Arianna Huffington’s site, and sure enough this has been a theme of hers all summer. Democrats who get in there and then fail to deliver.

To me, that is the biggest embarrassment. You run on a ticket. And then, when you win, you start dissembling about what is “possible” and “not possible”.

In earlier days, people who did that kind of thing would lose all credibility. And I hope nowadays, the same result!

On rare occasion, I hit And I read a few interesting pieces if I am lucky. (I read one today about the Lyndon Johnson transcripts when he was told Medicare finally passed in 1965). But I would never link to the site anymore, because that would be support that I feel is unwarranted for a smelly guy like Markos Moulitsas Zuniga.

I know he has been trying to clean up his act in 2009–especially with the Research 2000 polls and the diehard support of Obama. But Markos isn’t nice. So he will always be controversial in the political world. Like the crazies who wreck town hall meetings.