Old news, but worth a post anyway . . .

Briad overdevelopment proposal defeated in Bridgewater.

I like this part:

Larry Powers, attorney for the applicant, insisted Briad had been sensitive to residents’ and board members’ concerns by offering several key concessions — including lowering the buildings’ height — throughout the series of meetings on the property. But he said after the vote that he “strongly doubt(s)” Briad will appeal the decision, and he respected the board’s choice to hold true to its interpretation of the master plan.

“There’s a very strong theme of restraining development in Bridgewater (that) clearly came through in the hearing tonight,” Powers said, adding he believed residents’ passionate opposition failed to influence the board.

“I don’t think it had any effect at all,” he said.

Keep in mind, this is the guy who was “open space/limited development” Mayor Flannery’s campaign manager in 2003. A guy who loves to use the internet to make personal attacks on people who disagree with him both professionally, and those who reject his client’s outlandish proposals.

More from the article:

The hotels’ opponents begged to differ, offering one another congratulatory hugs and handshakes after the meeting. Most of the praise was reserved for Curtis Kraut, an Adamsville Road resident who said he spent 100 hours soliciting neighborhood input and preparing an hour-long slideshow against the hotels, which he presented Monday night.

After Kraut systematically dismantled Briad’s proposal, Powers assailed Kraut’s credibility and site planning knowledge, drawing angry interjections from the audience. [Ah, yes, some things never change . . . ]

“After eight months, we get a unanimous vote,” Kraut marveled after the meeting. “(But) we felt very strongly … people from our area have spoken.”