Hikosaemon and sidekick on the Chris Johnson story, with video.

There is a fellow Japan-side who keeps his real name hidden, but goes on the internet by “Hikosaemon“. Some of his stuff is pretty good, but I am still trying to figure out what his angle is, so I hesitate to do any promoting. (It seems like a lot of the site’s online presence is towards promoting the online presence.) Both he and “Victor”, who is the sidekick, have done some very good pieces about this question of Chris Johnson’s visa status.

Hikosaemon’s blog (Sorry, there is a lot of clutter, but I guess that is the thing now.)

Victor, as “Gimmeaflakeman”, on You Tube:

Ten minutes that is worth a watch if you are interested in the issue.

I would think that whoever produced “Banyan” for the Economist [would] follow up about the visa status. That’s the most critical piece.

What the guys mention, and what surprises me, is that at some point in the back-and-forths that Chris Johnson has had about the incident, he supposedly said that his lawyer told him not to talk about the visa status. Well, wait a minute. Like, visa status is very relevant to whether someone is going to let you into a country or not.

This is not looking good. As I said, this is someone who is a reporter. Then, like, their own facts are not really all out there, even though they’re the story. And it’s because the lawyer said. Uy!

[Update #1: My cautionary words about [their] self-promotion have to do with the fact that I don’t believe that almost 10,000 people have viewed that video. It may be that, yes, so many have. And it may be that these guys puff their numbers. Mutant Frog did that for a number of years, with a bot, apparently. [Update 2/16/12: Roy Berman of the Frog contacted me and said “no bot”. So, take his word for it, because I was only parked on the sitemeter that one time, and it could have just been a coincidence.]

Anyone that’s encouraging you (in the production itself) to hit “like”, but expecting several thousand people to view the video, isn’t being straight about one thing or the other.

I hit “like”, anyway. But I feel only several hundred watched.]