“The Reporter”, a new newspaper for our area of the Raritan Valley, appears!

The publication is free and can be had from any green newspaper vending machine around Somerville.

I believe it is going to be distributed to 47,000 households in the immediate area.

Once you look at the product, you may also come to the conclusion that it is the Messenger-Gazette! But maybe the old Messenger Gazette from the 1970’s, with more opinion, and substantially more local-interest articles.

I really liked the first edition. It was new, yet familiar. Kind of like a Messenger-Gazette, rebranded.

I know there is probably some kind of turmoil going on at NJN Publishing—there usually is whenever there is some change afoot—-but I hope the changes are more of this kind.

When the Messenger comes out Saturday, it will be interesting to see what NJN is doing with that. Might as well just go with the Reporter, really . . .