Large shoes tough to find in Tokyo (tell me about it!)

One from the Japan Times.

I have been reminiscing a bit on Facebook about my time there, which started eight years ago last month. Then, the whole place was Xanadu. Once I started to live in Japan regularly, as, you know, a resident, the mist gently evaporated, and there came those practical, everyday considerations like: where to find Size 30 shoes!

(The pair you see above were New Balance 925’s — one of the best series ever IMHO. I think I was walking up a bridge on the Koto side of the Sumida River prominade when I decided to include a shot of feet in motion.)

The article says it’s hard to find Size 29 for men in Tokyo. Well, that may be, but when the New Balance store was in Harajuku (and if it still is), the 29s were there. It was 30 that was rare. I ended up buying a bum or cheapened version, which wasn’t built with the kind of support that 900s have. I think they helped mess up my foot for all the walking I did.

The writer is correct that, if you want your shoes, your only choice is the internet. And, it’s likely that what you send yourself is going to be subject to duty, as well as international shipping.

If I could get 927s–the second-best New Balance shoes ever–from around 2007 or ’08 or so, I remember it costing $159.00 total, online. This was with the cheap yen of those times.