Quantcast / Alexa

Update 11/26/13: After a sharp spike in the early days of the Obamacare/ACA Open Enrollment, I am going back to trendline. To me, it’s gratifying to have these recurrent visitors, since I have had less time to do internet writing in 2013.

quantcast November 2013.bmp

Update 4/18/12 – keep on keeping on! What I really appreciate is the constant number of “regulars” over the months – which tracks the graph throughout the last couple years.

Update 2/12/12:

Update 9/4/11: The trend is still up – thanks to you!

Update 5/29/11: Well, depending where you look, I am either pulling back a bit, or building a base.

Quantcast says I’m down from April, but this happens to me every year when the people who are researching the tax issues I write about go away.

Alexa, though, says I’m on the upswing:

Passed the 40,000 mark in Japan; below 80,000 in the USA, and #392 in the “Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York” (Pennsylvania) market! Pretty impressive, huh?

I am still figuring about 500 or 600 regulars, which, as I said, is maybe not so unusual in the age of Facebook. But I do a lot of writing, so I thank those people who routinely read what I have to write.

Update 3/29/11:
A post about Quantcast tracking, which is showing me on a fairly steady upward trend in Japan, since I left Japan!


This was the same day (March 29, 2011)

Although I appreciate, in the era of Facebook, that having 500 or 600 regulars might not be all that significant, I am doing this without very much “drive” from social media. It is really, simply, people seeking me out on the issues and topics that I write about. Out of these, some percentage stays as Regulars. This is the number I look to grow. But of course, I would blog even it were just me.


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