Mayor Flannery bashes Amitrani

bash bash bash bash bash bash . . . .

I’ve been astounded at the Amitrani bashing in the local newspapers.

When the mayor herself gets her pen into it! Whewwwwwww, watch out! She isn’t having them authored in anonymity and handed out to the lapdogs to stick their names on.

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Listen to this shit:

An open letter to Bridgewater residents:

I am responding to a recent letter to the editor that appeared Friday in the Courier News. The writer has made such blatant errors, misstatements and denigrating comments about my office that it would be a disservice if even one person read the letter and believed its content.

Aw, come on! “Blatant” errors? Paul forgot to point out that Patti was part of the process while she sat on Township Council for four years, picking zoning board of adjustment members. Patti Flannery has been part of the problem for six years already—-30% of the time “longtime” mayor Jim Dowden was. Time for her to accept responsibility!!!

In contrast to what was written, here are the facts:

The Zoning Board of Adjustment is appointed by the Township Council. Six of the current nine members were in office under the previous administration. The Planning Board is appointed by the mayor. Eight of the nine members are new appointees made by myself.

Mayor Flannery fails to point out, that she was on the Township Council helping to pick the ZBA members in the 2000-2004 term.

The members of the Planning Board, myself included, recently have completed the first revision of the township Master Plan in more than a decade. This important document is the structural backbone to land use ordinances that guide development in the township. I am proud of the revisions that have been recommended and enacted by the council to protect the township from overdevelopment and provide additional protections for existing neighborhoods throughout the municipality.

And no sooner has the Planning Board produced this long-delayed document (that was due in 2000!), than Larry Powers is back at the Zoning Board of Adjustment with yet another developer trying to undo what is in the Master Plan . . .

The Board of Adjustment is guided by the township land-use ordinances as well as state municipal land-use law and case law. It is the applicant’s responsibility to prove to the board why he would deserve consideration for a change in the permitted use of the property. Any applicant has the right to have his project thoroughly reviewed by the appropriate board. To insinuate that the Board of Adjustment reports to me is wrong and unethical of the writer. The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial body that does not report to the executive (mayor) or legislative (Township Council) bodies.

“Wrong and unethical” —- I don’t think that Amitrani insinuated that. He insinuated that Mayor Flannery’s hand has been involved in the selecting of BOTH those bodies. And that is true.

The Board of Adjustment is allegedly a “quasi judicial” body in the law. But as insiders know, it is in fact a political body that responds to phone calls from, say, a county chairman or influential citizens . . .

The Township Economic Development officer, Howard Turbowitz, was hired to retain and attract the commercial interests that thrive in our municipality. He is not my friend but rather a dedicated township employee with the experience and credentials to perform the tasks necessary of the position. Our commercial neighbors who pay property taxes, provide employment opportunities, offer services and volunteer time to our community are an important component of what makes Bridgewater Township one of the most desirable places to live in the nation.

Turbowitz was hired because he is one of Patti Flannery’s cronies. He is trying to persuade companies to fill an overbuilt township, because the buildings NEVER should have been approved in the first place! First, the GOP builds the things (fixes the zoning so that they are built.) Then, they sit empty. Then they waste MORE of your taxpayer money on a crony, getting the empty office space to be filled!

The writer has been a political opponent of almost every elected official in recent years. His goal in attacking township staff, volunteer members of the Board of Adjustment, Planning Board and myself is to further his own limited agenda, and he should be ashamed of both his tactics and his conduct.

The writer submits his name on the ballot for Council, because the Democratic Party in Bridgewater is so moribund, that the chairman has to put his name on the line, so that the people have a choice in November . . .

The members of the Board of Adjustment and Planning Board are dedicated residents of our community who sacrifice long hours on a volunteer basis to make our township one of the best in the country.




The Planning Board and Zoning Board are FILLED with cronies and political wanna-be’s. People doing the Republican Party a favor. The TRULY dedicated ones don’t toe the line and are usually shown the door.

Wouldn’t it be nice to hear some honesty out of Mayor Flannery . . . for a change???