Cyberstalker Mr. L***** never quite got the message . . .

Cyberstalker Mr. L**** never quite got the message . . .

“My Nickel” reappears on the Bridgewater Board

Former Bridgewater mayoral candidate Phil L***** became a routine critic of political speech over the internet in 2003. On a number of occasions, he posted about how silly it was for people to express political views over the internet. (This was obviously before the 2004 presidential campaign, and the introduction of the word “blog” in to everyday English.)

For a guy who was against internet posting, you’d sure be surprised that he continues to post on the net! Having abandoned various later screen names, like “roxiered”, he is now back to posting as “MyNickel”. Just wonderful. What a great addition to the board. (You see how enthusiastically they receive your posts!)

The very idea that anyone who had ever run for elected office in America would criticize ANYONE who expresses political views is itself a little beyond belief. But then, to criticize a medium like the internet, pretend to “give up” posting, and then suddenly “reappear” many months later, is the height of hypocrisy.

Which is it: should people post about their local government over the internet? Or not???

There are political losers, and then there are truly political LOSERS. Give it up, guy. No one is interested in what you have to say.