Ex-Bridgewater CFO Kathryn Kinney charged in Monmouth County, AND kicked out of Hoboken job

As an update:

Back in my stateside days, I was one of the few bloggers in Bridgewater to point out the sudden departure of Kathryn Kinney from employment in the township. (Heck, I was one of the few bloggers.)

Here is the read:

Hoofin April 2005 archive,

Over the past few years, this little clip has apparently been quite the resource for citizens concerned about things they saw in Ms. Kinney.

I myself was only pointing out that it made no sense to screw around with South Bound Brook police when you are a Democratic appointee in a Republican town.

But as further advice, I would have said:

Not to steal from a nonprofit park commission that you were later named a director of:
Theft allegation hits ex-Hoboken finance aide from (7/18/2009 NJ.com)


If a mayor basically hires your replacement, don’t expect that you will get a “permanent position” in exchange. Especially if you did your work as part of a professional contract in a private firm off the city’s payroll.

Hoboken Reporter, January 17, 2009

I don’t know if Kinney counts as part of the 44 who were recently busted by the IRS and feds (including the Mayor of Hoboken, apparently). But it almost goes without saying that New Jersey has a genuine problem with governmental corruption in all its various forms . . .