Lancaster PA DA update: no paperwork back

This post relates to the claim a former American made recently on Twitter that he recorded a September 2011 conversation with me, with a threat to release it. This is a third-degree felony under Pennsylvania law.

The only written response I’ve received came from the municipal magistrate. It’s a Post It note with the D.A.’s number.

This is one of the frustrating things about Pennsylvania local government, of which there is a lot, but a lot that doesn’t deliver.

When I last spoke to an individual in Lancaster City, I was told there was some hangup about “extradite”. I was given the impression that if the perpetrator can’t easily be extradited, then the D.A.’s office won’t approve the private criminal complaint.

That, however, is inconsistent with what I’ve read elsewhere. The D.A. is only required to allow service—not to arrange extradition. In fact, for a crime like this, the value is probably in letting the process issue–whether or not the perp shows up in Lancaster.

This is what makes Pennsylvania such a banana republic. A law gets passed to protect oral communication. Then, it’s effectively interpreted in a way that could only nab the citizens of the state–not people who victimize citizens of the state. It’s Pennsylvania Lords and Serfs once again!

I guarantee the Pennsylvania Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Control Act is being read to the letter to high school students screwing around on the net. It’s being used as a bullying tool to keep youngsters in line. But it isn’t being used against overgrown adolescents committing actual crime on the net. Then bragging about it.