IRS offers a brochure with information for Americans living abroad.

Form 4732, hot off the presses, is a two pager that lists the different publications available to overseas Americans (incl. Canada and Mexico) who aren’t disregarding (blowing off?) the tax return.

I have been trying to come up with a business model to do tax advisory for folks who want to fulfill their filing obligation. It’s surprising that those big businesses, like HR Block, haven’t done anything with that. My sense is that the foreign-address tax return is a little bit esoteric for these mass producers. (It isn’t a $29.95 return.)

[Update 1/14/13: Per comments below, I can only emphasize that it’s not as straightforward as you think. I can tell you, there are flaws in the packaged programs, especially when it comes to items beyond cash income (paycheck income) in Japan. As I say, it’s not surprising that small firms are the ones that make a boutique of it.]