The bizzaro world that is the Hillsborough forum . . .

Sometimes I can hardly believe what other people will post!

I have had a busy 2006 so far, but the last couple days I managed to open up some free time. With all the news about the Assemblyman Biondi internet posting regulation bill, (and constant references to me, unrelated to the bill, by “The New DBC”!), I posted a few items.

If Biondi is concerned about internet bulletin boards, he didn’t not have to rely on quasi-fascist government measures as a solution.

He just needs to invite about seven-or-eight, (but truthfully may just be about three-or-four with multiple screen names), to post at any internet forum in New Jersey.

I have spent wayyy much more time than I care to, correcting “TheNewDBC’s” factual errors about things I post, and things I have posted. (I am not sure that “sorry judge, you know how those internet forums get out of hand” will cut it.)

Then, I log on this morning (late yesterday afternoon in Bridgewater), and Cyberstalker Phil and has turned up again on the Hillsborough forum.

Why is the 1999 GOP mayoral candidate in Bridgewater interested in the politics of Hillsborough township? Because of the Biondi bill? Noooo.

It turns out, Mr. Licetti has been reading the Hillsborough board for several months now. In fact, from right around the time that he became aware that I posted to it.

Of course, the things I posted about in Hillsborough had nothing to do with Mr. Licetti, but he took a keen interest in them — enough to read and “refrain from posting!” (How nice! The stalker has decided he isn’t going to follow you around today!)

Other than the fact that I helped on the Citizens for Change of Government legal issue (the one that inevitably let their later-to-be-smeared petition for a Faulkner Act charter go to a vote), and gave the supporting reasons why it was a good change (which got lost in the cacophony from the other side), I hardly have these Svengali powers.

This elicited a fantastic comment about my political “reach” in Bridgewater from BeatlesFan5 (My reach is indeed not that significant!)

And then Licetti went off, about how it was a problem or a threat that I recommend ward-and-at-large seating of Faulkner Act township councils. (There is really an issue to undermine the Republic!)

And that went on a number of days. And something about how he feels people lift his screen names because a capital “I” can be confused for a lower case “l”.

So now, Mr. Licetti returns to the Hillsborough board. He’s been away, you see. But he reads it, “as is my right to do!”. But the posting, like much of his local posting the last three years now, is going to be about something Hoofin said, with some personal jibes at Hoofin, and oh boy that Hoofin. (Things that both Charles Harrison and Jim Ventantonio got very tired of in 2003 when they had to hear it from their “old pal” Phil on the telephone.)

Apparently, the “mistake” I have made is that Bridgewater Township Council also has had 60% of the seats filled by people of Italian heritage.

I didn’t realize it had been that high in the 1995-2000 period. But I guess it was if Councilman Scaglione is put in with “Italian American”. I think Mr. Scaglione has actually said that his family immigrated here from Argentina. But maybe he is. Mr. Licetti, I believe, made some reference to how “dark” Councilman Scaglione is—it seems a pretty odd litmus test coming from someone who apparently is so bent out of shape about the Hillsborough observation. But I’m not even going to go down that road cuz it would really make you wonder what Mr. Licetti’s own biases are.

So anyhow, I wasn’t really tracking it in Bridgewater, and I made a mistake about percentage. I think I said 40%, it really was also 60%.

First, I was no good for pointing that fact out in Hillsborough. But then, I am no good for never pointing that out about Bridgewater Township!

Licetti further points out, that the current mayor in Bridgewater may be Italian by heritage but married someone who has an Irish last name. But my whole point in Hillsborough was last names — I said, oh look, high percentage of last names. I guess I am also supposed to point out that under Bridgewater’s Mayor-Council, during this 60% Italian heritage time in Bridgewater that I did not mention (because I honestly didn’t count!), the Mayor, who had veto power, had an Irish last name (Dowden).

So whatever point Licetti is making, he missed the fact that a Township Council is not the same as a township committee.

A bickering retiree with too much time on his hands loves these sorts of puzzles.

So let’s review: I got called a lot of ugly things like “bigot” by the Pete Biondi cronies in Hillsborough. But now I am a “hypocrite” for not having advertised the same phenomenon in Bridgewater—-where I obviously should have observed this! (I guess based off how dark people are? Is that what I am to conclude?)

Mama mia! (ooops)

So Assemblyman Biondi’s solution is very easy: just invite people like “MyNickel”, “Doofin”, “hidzume”, “Poofin”, “LazyBones”, “DeathbyCondo”, “TheNewDBC” —- those three — to post in any forum where Biondi feels it isn’t civil.

Soon, the sane posters will give up.

No need to keep a log of addresses, either.

These people will contact each other by e-mail and share “more than you can possibly know!”