More “told you sos”

I don’t want to make you people feel like masochists, since I suspect a lot of you voted for Ventantonio, Amitrani and Kane like I did. But, let’s put on the table: if Vent had won the mayorship, you wouldn’t be having Bill Savo in as Township Attorney right now!

And if Kane and Amitrani were on Council, you’d have at least one other power base to make the argument, to change zoning ordinances!

With 5-0 Republican control, you get two Council people who will “understand” and support your arguments, one who will be sympathetic but fumbling. And two who at best will agree but put up every stonewall and roadblock as to why they can’t act in your interests.

You will never get the three votes.

All controversial projects in this township pass by at least 3-2. (3-2 for when they are particularly worried about any backlash.)

I’ve never seen anything that a large segment of the public fought against, go down by 3-2. It’s always made, to come just short of the goal line. (That way, it’s also one of the most demoralizing defeats.)

You need to get control of Council back into the neighborhoods. (What “back”? It’s never been there!)

When landslides are 1500-750 victories, (not 6000 to 3000), it’s very easy to convince 375 people in your neighborhood that they made a mistake and see it the other way the next time. Very easy. When you have to go convince a thousand and hundreds more people, it’s much, much harder.