Ventantonio endorsed by Courier

Ventantonio gets the Courier endorsement!

Paper also says Kane better for Township Council!

Courier endorsement

Nice to see a well-reasoned decision on the mayor’s contest in Bridgewater. If it were up to me, I would have included this “secret” political-activist life of Flannery as another reason you don’t want her administering the township. But all in all, the Courier editorial board gave a fair and balanced presentation of the two, and went with the winner—-no matter what the result on Tuesday.

It’s a shame they also didn’t include Paul Amitrani with their endorsement of Joanne Kane for Township Council. They mention that Paul is emphasizing having the two parties in there—well, what would you expect? He’s the party chairman! I don’t think it’s so much “fixated” as that’s his job!

I think if the thoughtful, non-political vote goes out in force Tuesday, we can overcome the knee-jerk clowns who Patti would bring in to township administration (two of the likes of which you see over at

Man, I sure do have my fingers crossed for this one!