Phoning it in this week. Today: Gaijinass

I haven’t been doing so much writing this week, and instead want to heart a few other Japan websites where I like the people’s voice. Gaijinass is one.

A lot of Japan bloggers have that agenda. You know? It just comes out at you after a while, and, yeah, I got mine too I suppose. (Suppose?) Gaijinass likes to just write about things that go on in Japan, and also no-holds-barred cultural commentary. The guys aren’t trying to get you to see it their way. You get the sense that they don’t care how the bleep you see it. They’re just having their blog and enjoying it. A nice oasis in the Japan-side expat blogosphere, even though the topics can be kind of raunchy now and then.

So please check them out from time to time.