Hello after about three weeks!

I am thankful to the several dozen people who appear to be checking out my blog regularly.

As you can probably figure, I just don’t have the good opportunity to update it regularly these days!

It has been about one year since I settled in Japan. While I am still very much a New Jerseyite and resident of Bridgewater (I even sent in my absentee ballot for the primary this afternoon!)—I just don’t have good information to post these days.

The “Bridgewater” side of my blogging always had to do with municipal matters and insights that maybe you did not know about.

I was constantly harassed by two individuals, former G.O.P. candidate Phil Licetti, who started to act like he had some kind of mental problem, after he kept up the counter-criticism for THREE years. And then death-threat artist and developer attorney Larry Powers. Who I think was finally told by even higher “powers” to knock it off. (Should have been saying that in 2003 not 2006, right, people?)

I will keep trying to throw a few tidbits the way of the general audience. But you must understand, that you know more than I right now!

Everyone is pretty much disgusted about where the Republican Party has led us as America. They are filthy losers who rely on nothing but falsehoods and cheap shots to acquire power. You know when they’re lying, it’s when their lips are moving.

I cannot post a lot. But I will still be around.

And of course, there are over three years of archives that are routinely hit.

The material is as relevant as when I first posted it . . .