2012 National Popular Vote tracker keeps ticking on.

You thought all the votes in the American presidential election were already counted? That it was all over and done with? Guess again.

Some state are still finalizing the vote tally, and Dave Wasserman over at Cook Political has been keeping a spreadsheet, that he’s sharing with the world.

A popular thing has been to watch whether Mitt Romney will fall below the 47.50% line of the total vote. If so, it means his number rounds to “47%”, and you may recall that Romney had made a stink about how he didn’t care about 47% of America, who allegedly didn’t pay taxes and also supposedly (or as a result?) didn’t take personal responsibility for themselves.

We are all a little burned out or shell shocked from the 2012 election, but it does make you wonder what the attitudes are of this other 47%, the voters that Romney did get.