Police allies still fighting strong on Advance Publications’ NJ.com community board.

Are some of Mayor Flannery’s and Chief Obal’s actions crossing the line to criminality??

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Poster says:

I have spent the last week speaking with cops in Bridgewater, township employees and have come up with a long list of Obal, hence Flannery acts or inactions that warrant his removal and hers.

The list below is shortened, I am sure there are people that can list others…and maybe soon I will post more:

Obal has passed by his own cops and never stopped to back-up these officers. He can’t because he does not carry his gun, but he is in his township paid for car.

Obal starts internal investigations with the aim to destroy people who disagree with him and those who have not done anything needing an internal investigation. By doing this he creates internal conflict, fear and disharmony.

He has set up no procedures for the deployment and use of EMT qualified officers. He has set up no rules for public safety in general.

He does not keep up on daily and incidents of the officers.

He has released information to the press that is false. These incidents include misidentifying cops who were involved in incidents because he didn’t know who was involved and he just came up with names off the top of his head.

He does not know the roads he is traveling upon.

He has reported car accidents and these have been in a different spot because he didn’t know the road he was on or the name of the road.

He had no idea that at least 40 times since January 2005 that Bridgewater had less than 3 cops working all night long.

He has left the other shifts short of cops. He puts cops to work for Halloween directing traffic and leaving no one patroling. I checked, last year on mischief night and Halloween there were over 50 peoples homes egged, mailboxes smashed, lawns driven over, toilet paper strewn about… 5 cops were on patrol and 20 were directing traffic those days.

Want to be more amazed… I was on Garretson Road only last week at night. I was told the road was closed because a water main had broke. I was told this by a Bernards Township cop. He was directing traffic because no Bridgewater cops could be there, there were not enough around. Obal won’t let them work this because he says this overtime pay can’t be worked before their shifts. This is punishment for one of their guys filing a complaint a couple of years back. He and Flannery justify it saying it is safety, but everyone knows it was vengeance, retribution and retaliation–and to cover up management abuse of the cops.

He goes on “business trips and conventions” like the Chiefs of Police Conventions and never attends the seminars or conference. He sits by the pool tanning (sounds familiar) and looking to pick up women (sounds familiar, too–see Katey lawsuit for sexual harassment).

He conducts personal business on Township time: this isn’t the gym or tanning. He goes to an office he has where he does hypnosis. Guess he has hypnotized the mayor into believing he is a legend. Quote from Clint Eastwood: “he is a legend in his own mind.”

He drives his township provided car after drinking at bars and it is even reported he has been drunk driving.

The computers he and Flannery claim are in the cars and working have not been working for almost 2 years. Well there you have a short list of what I have learned. Some of these can be explained away, but not enough to make me feel that he is competent, worth his salary much less remaining in power . . .

I am sure that he will be cleared of all wrongdoing because the town is the victim and since Flannery says he hasn’t done anything wrong, there is no victim. Talk about a Catch 22.

I can only go back to saying, the merits of these allegations still open, this is what you get when there is One Party Rule. A lot of these assertions would already be out in public, if there were at least one Democrat on Township Council to raise them!