Bridgewater Democrat attacked by Pedroso for pointing out the obvious: GOP runs everything.

Oh Christ! Listen to this a**hole!

Filipe Pedroso, a shill and crony of the Bridgewater G.O.P., chimes in.

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The recent letter written by Mr. Paul Amitrani is an excellent example of why he has never won a council election in Bridgewater and, I hope, never will.

Mr. Amitrani never won an election to Council, because Bridgewater is overwhelmingly Republican. It has nothing to do with the talent within the candidate. After all, look at Ed Irving . . .

Mr. Amitrani’s allegation that the Bridgewater Zoning Board of Adjustment was “handpicked” by Mayor Flannery is absurd, preposterous and plain stupid. Mr. Amitrani should know that the Zoning Board of Adjustment is not chosen, or “handpicked” as he says, by the mayor’s office, but by the Township Council. All members of the Zoning Board of Adjustment are selected and appointed by the Township Council without any involvement from the mayor’s office.

This is bullshit. Amitrani failed to point out that Mrs. Flannery served as Councilwoman before she was Mayor, and therefore had a role in also determining who sat on the Zoning Board.

His statement is just flabbergasting, especially when you think that Mr. Amitrani should know the very simple basics of how local government works; after all, he has made several unsuccessful attempts at becoming a Bridgewater councilman. Thank goodness the voters have seen through his incompetence and made the wise decision not to elect him into office.



Bridgewater Zoning Board of Adjustment


I am concerned about a “quasi judicial”, allegedly impartial ZBA member rushing to the aid of a sitting mayor. If that doesn’t make you wonder, what does?

Doesn’t it sound like Pedroso actually owes something to Flannery? (Like Flannery, as Councilwoman, insisted that Pedroso be picked for a slot?) And since they are ALL the same party, don’t you think it’s likely that Mayor Flannery STILL recommends people to Council, to fill vacant slots???

Come on! Stop insulting the public.