Goofy secessionist movements in America.

I don’t have a nice link handy, but you’ve probably read the some people who are unhappy with the election earlier this month have started online petitions, asking for their states to leave the United States. The particular galling one is from Texas.

As I recall, the last President was from Texas. So are the rest of us to conclude, that when the people in Texas don’t get their preferred candidate (it looks like Romney carried that state), then they feel as though they should be able to take their marbles and leave?

I am all for the Seventh Flag, if this kind of thing keeps up. But the sense I get is that any cession would involve Mexico. After all, before the short-lived “Republic of Texas”, Texas was a province of Mexico. In fact, some would argue that “Republic of Texas” was really just a puppet government for the inevitable takeover of Texas by America.

It used to be that being a sore loser was its own shame. Now, it sounds like the sore losers compete with each other to see how creatively they can express the more obvious fact that they don’t know how to lose gracefully. It used to be, that there was a shame in not losing gracefully.

Stay classy, Texas.

[Update 11/27/12: What would happen if states seceded? From