Tesco’s number scandal moves to inflating YouTube views. #WineVision #LauraJewell

[Update 11/21:   See way below.  100,000 views on YouTube, if you believe it.   For a run down on the scandal involving actual moulah, not hits, see here.]

This one made me chuckle. In the middle of last week Tesco, which is involved in some fairly heavily damage control with UK general public because of the accounting scandal, put out a Tweet linking to its YouTube account.    It features Laura Jewell, the Head of Wines, who readers of me also learned last month, is the Chairwoman of the Wine and Spirits Education Trust.   This, in turn, is the outfit that has been cranking out, by the thousands, various certifications in wine.   It also supports the “Master of Wine” certification, that really gets used as quite a bludgeoning instrument, as letters/alphanumerics go, within the wine world.

I may be wrong, but there are only about 14,000 subscribers to Tescofoodandwine on YouTube, and most of their offerings get under 1,000 views at most.  At least, that’s what you learn on the main page.   So similarly, it was with Laura Jewell and Helen McGinn.   First three days, maybe no more than 200 hits.  (I have the screen shots.) Bam!  Then in the last couple days, about 25,000 hits a day.   People are watching this thing morning, noon, and night, to the tune of about 1,000 views and hour.

What is kind-of the giveaway that something is amiss, is that out of over 75,000 [125,000] views, the video got maybe 3 likes. [One Like.  Four unlikes.]  No comments, with comments “on”. [until I put one there.]

This is weird.  Aside from the fact that part of Ms. Jewell’s current mission is obviously to reform the somewhat low reputation of Tesco in many circles of the supermarket business (customers, suppliers, people who rely on financial reporting), she is very friendly on the screen, and just seems like a nice person.   A kind of an everyday person you could trust.    Out of the 75,000 viewers, I would think the video would get more than three likes.   Additionally, I would think that other, related videos (same presenter, same topic), would see at least 10% of that traffic.   The WineVision appearance by Laura Jewell was obviously a last-minute replacement for you-know-who.   But the woman is known in the trade. Could somebody in the promotion department be so stupid to inflate YouTube views, a month after the company had to admit to inflating profits?

[Update early pm:   Wow!  78,752 views.  Over 3,000 today so far . . . ]

[Update 11/19:   it turns out it’s three “unlikes”, not likes.   Let’s get the likes going, people!  I’ve put mine in.]

[Update 11/21:   Now to over 100,000 hits!   (Will there be a restatement, here, too??) Fullscreen capture 11212014 122512 PM.bmp