Turtle & Hughes keeping them awake at night . . .

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From the article:

BRIDGEWATER — Peter Indrisek wants to tell the Board of Adjustment how much he hates being awaked at 3:45 a.m. each weekday.

That’s when his neighbor, Turtle & Hughes, starts work as an electrical and industrial distributor. Indrisek worries about the company’s plans to add 14,500 square feet to its 73,358-square foot building, located on Chimney Rock and Foothill roads.

Turtle & Hughes’ application was discussed Tuesday and will be back before the Board of Adjustment on Oct. 17.

The company’s attorney, Lawrence Powers, said Turtle & Hughes is expanding to make life better for its neighbors. [Emphasis added.]

“Turtle & Hughes: Making life better for YOUse.” maybe should be their corporate motto . . .

You can be darn certain that this situation would not be tolerated if it were a neighborhood on the other side of town, along the Raritan River . . .