Councilman Patrick Scaglione suing Bridgewater Township for mold. (And running for county freeholder at same time!)

[Update 5/15/11: It’s been a while since I posted this, but someone out there has been doing a lot of searching on Patrick Scaglione. One thing I want to update about the residence in the story, is that, maybe amazingly, the street address of the lot has been entirely changed! It used to be number 956 on Severin Drive in Bridgewater Township, but it’s now called 1850 Kennesaw Way, Bridgewater.
Could this renumbering possibly have something to do with the water-abatement article below?]

Mike Deak at (Courier News)

Talk about ironies. In free time, I have been cleaning up the old 2003 blog, and I came across the story about how (apparently now) Somerset County Freeholder candidate Patrick Scaglione is suing Bridgewater Township. Scaglione claims that the township caused the mold to happen when it failed to maintain some sort of drainage area near his house. A new housing development is somehow in the story.

I don’t know if the housing developer is named in the suit. It would be strange for a Bridgewater NJ Republican to go suing a developer, since they basically are in bed with them.

What amazed me is the potency of the commenters. MyCentralJersey allows people to comment on the stories that it posts online.

In my early blogging days, I was just putting wry humor and a dose of sarcasm to the things I saw coming through local papers. And I ended up with two cyberstalkers for close to four years after that (even though their candidates won!)

There’s got to be at least TEN extensive comments on that Scaglione mold lawsuit story at the Courier News’ online site.

Thank goodness I’m over here and not there, because I can only imagine the amount of jackbooterism that must go on with the Bridgewater and Somerset County Republicans to try and figure out who is commenting on those stories.

And by the way: it does seem a little self-serving to be bringing a lawsuit against the same township you are serving as an elected official in. It was no secret that Scaglione felt he should be mayor instead of Patricia Flannery in 2003. But this lawsuit directly challenges Patti’s competence as an administrator. And if she feels the township should settle rather than litigate it, she looks like she is taking care of “one of the boys” in the local GOP, doesn’t it?