How much is Assemblyman Biondi’s hand behind nasty postings on the Hillsborough board?

Come to think of it . . .

Hillsborugh NJ forum

If one thing hasn’t been established about internet forums, is that the people-in-power are good at getting their friends and cronies to monitor and post against critics.

The Hillsborough board has primarily turned into a long-running mud fight between reformers like Glenn van Lier, and “anonymous” GOP partisans (I say anonymous because I have a few names but I don’t want to use them yet).

It’s highly unlikely that some of the Hillsborough posters do not have a connection to Pete Biondi.

So who among them has Biondi encouraged “to stand up for civility on the internet”?

In Bridgewater, we’ve already had one proven case, where former Councilman Ed Irving lobbied a township resident (former mayoral candidate Phil Licetti) to make criticisms of a forum user. Councilman Irving (now of Canton, Ohio) apparently did not like how he was being portrayed over the internet. So he used the old ruse of saying, “well, unless you support those opinions you better do something to show you don’t!” And the dupe bought it.

In Hillsborough, the internet forum has frankly become the “Denounce Glenn van Lier” board. I guess having Merdinger and Quick post a public denunciation of Glenn, as a “non Republican Party committee” Republican, was not good enough.

(I haven’t figured out yet, why pointing out who IS and who IS not a member of a local party committee merits a letter-to-the-editor and local publicity. But for some reason, it did. It used to in Communist Russia, too. But I guess the reasons were different.)

If Assemblyman Biondi were saying, that he doesn’t like the nasty attacks on people like van Lier, then I could see some honesty in his proposal. But what it really sounds like, is Biondi didn’t like the criticisms of Biondi. He didn’t like, that it wasn’t so easy to shut a Faulkner Act reform movement down in a municipality he likes to think he “runs”, (and probably still does.) It cost a lot of outside money. He doesn’t want anyone pointing out that Hillsborough Committee is 80% 60% (note *) ethnic-Italian by last names. These sort of facts make people uncomfortable, about how their government is chosen for them.

So the simple solution is not to engage municipal reform activists.

Or explain why we shouldn’t just go all the way with Hillsborough’s lack of government diversity, or do something to fix the problem.

Not to mention the recurrent corruption.

But for Biondi, how to improve things is how to cover up what you don’t like. Bully the internet critics. That’s the Pete Biondi way. Isn’t it? Or better yet, get others to do it for you.

What’s Biondi’s idea going to be to make Hillsborough government a little more civil? Buy some checkered tablecloths, red wine and violinists for the next township committee meeting?

( * – note: a friendly reader points out that I double-counted someone running for re-election. Another reader, however, points out that I included the one Democrat serving, and the more accurate representation is 75% of the seats that Biondi’s party controls.)

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